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Introduction Profs4U

Profs4U goes officially live from the 1st of June 2012

The Portal That Transforms The ICT Resourcing Industry

Profs4U is a new, refreshing and innovative ICT service provider that can provide highly qualified and certified ICT consultants that will drastically reduce any organizations ICT costs.

The sector for online ICT resourcing is growing. It is less expensive than the traditional methods and can attract a broader range of candidates.  Although this area is picking up momentum, it was increasingly apparent that there were still many processes and factors that needed attention to enable the online process to fully mature and take into consideration the concerns of both clients and consultants alike.

We at Profs4U have done this by utilising our 30 years of experience in the ICT industry and with the combination of modern technology. We have successfully simplified the process of bringing together the supply and demand of ICT expertise without losing the concerns of our clients and consultants.  We have partnered with Uniforce to ensure total compliancy with regard to working with interim ICT consultants (ZZP’ers) in the Netherlands and we are building relationships with ICT training organizations to encourage consultants to stay up to date with their specific skill sets.

Profs4U is Totally Free to use and is SSL certified ensuring that all data is secure.

Profs4U offers total transparency with regard to rates, status, discussions and more. We guarantee that all transactions and contracts are totally compliant with all legal and fiscal regulations.

 Profs4U has developed a true 21st Century concept that;

• Offers employers a unique platform to engage the right candidate quickly, efficiently and accurately, while interim professionals and others looking for assignments can effortlessly find the perfect match for their skills.

• Provides a low cost, result-based service that is guaranteed to provide employers more choice in finding the right candidate and the interim ICT professionals in finding the right assignment.

• Utilizes all recent developments in the ICT market and capitalizing on state-of-the-art communication channels, including the ever more popular social & mobile media.

• Provides direct access to other ICT providers for Managed Services, Teams of interim ICT specialists (ZZP’ers), etc.

• Ensures substantial savings on any companies ICT budget including administration costs.  We estimate that we can save organizations between 5 or 10 Euro per hour, per consultant, and possibly more in some situations.

• Allows clients to search for suitable ICT Professionals for their requirements and download as many CV’s as they like for scrutiny.  All candidates are pre-screened prior to be added to the portal.

• Clients can directly contact candidates with the right skill-set via their PC / Smartphone to arrange interviews.

• Provides clients with direct access to selected candidates, enabling them to directly negotiate terms and reduce their company expenditure by not being involved in a chain of suppliers.

• Online access to timesheet, invoice and / or salary information.

• Online secure digital safe to safely store and retrieve documents, i.e. contracts, passport, diplomas, references, etc.

Russell Barnes who is the founder and CEO of Profs4U, and was previously the founder and CEO of SCP, quoted that’ the portal facility is only available in the Netherlands, but we are currently working on a multi-lingual version that should be ready in the next few months. Profs4U has offices in the Netherlands and the UK, but we will be looking to expand and open branch offices all over Europe within the next couple of years.

Russell, who is generally known throughout the ICT industry as Barney, explained that we have spent an enormous amount of time interviewing, surveying and researching the online resourcing process with both organizations and interim consultants. The results have enabled us to develop a refreshing, flexible, versatile and innovative service that is dedicated to providing the best online functionality currently available. 


If you require any further information or would be interested to know more about this unique concept, then please feel free to call or email us.


Russell Barnes

Tel Number: +31-20-760-25-30

Mobile: +651-188-354

Address: Hogehilweg 15, 1101 CB, Amsterdam






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